The birth of new media is starting from the amalgamation of art and science.

It was founded in March 2017 as a group of experts gathered to realize media and devices that help people and objects and experiences of communicating and communicating in an intuitive and emotional way between people and people. Currently, we perform UX / UI development, contents development, system and service design, prototype production in various fields such as medical care, architecture, products, performances and media works.

DELVINE Inc. seeks new interactions between people and technology through creative and optimized media, and the rigor of technology and human body temperature coexist.

DELVINE Inc. will present a new type of media based on digital technology, creative and intuitive interactions and TUI (Tangible User Interface).

Currently, we are developing

  1. IOT system solution for health care and for disabled people.
  2. VR/AR rehabilitation treatment system.
  3. New type AR devices (low-cost AR HMD)
  4. Network-based Software for classroom (Confidential)

CEO : Sungmin Cho, Ph.D

(Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea)

E-mail : info.delvine@gmail.com